Team Extension

Add selected engineers to your In-house team and skyrocket your software development capabilities

Are you seeking additional IT talent to accelerate your product roadmap or add new functionalities to your product to beat your competitors?

Our team extension service (staff augmentation) brings world-class developers to your in-house team to work side by side seamlessly. Learn why so many companies in North America choose to partner with  us.

Our qualities

Why choose Devlane as your next software outsourcing partner?

We offer a unique and differentiated service that sets us apart from other companies in the software outsourcing industry. It’s not only about providing talented engineers but everything else that comes with it. The highlights of our service are based on these foundations.

//01 Recruiting Network
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Every search starts with our recruiting manager ensuring that we fully understand all technical requirements for the position and the desired soft skills and how to vet each candidate to present only suitable matches.
We have an experienced in-house recruitment team with eight members and a network of partners (agencies) that help us source IT talent in most LatAm countries.
In-house technical interviewers ensure that only qualified candidates reach the interview stage, reducing the time spent by your engineering team.
We proactively search for IT talent and maintain a bench within the company, meaning we may also have candidates waiting to be interviewed from day one.
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"A high rate of their candidates passes our top-grade interview, our culture interview from the first round. On top of that, they deliver on speed — they’ve found candidates very quickly."
//02 Global Hardware Delivery and Configuration
We provide high-end hardware and ship it to the hired engineer, taking care of the paperwork and Customs processing, saving you the time and hassle at no additional cost.
Our IT department takes care of the device’s initial configuration, ensuring it’s ready from the get-go.
Our IT department is also always readily available to solve any issues that may arise and to help configure anything you may need our engineers to have.
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"Since we hired a large number of developers across multiple countries with Devlane and didn't have previous experience with outsourcing, their handling of all of the logistics, paperwork and laptop configuration was a lifesaver for us."
//03 Security
We implement first-class security solutions in every device to ensure all information we handle is encrypted, secure, and GDPR-compliant.
Our staff receives continuous security awareness training based on our policies. Security is a top priority for the company.
Our ISO 27001 certification ensures our team's strict compliance with security protocols.
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"Devlane’s security and confidentiality measures comply with our company protocols, and they thoroughly shared and discussed their relevant information security measures with us to ensure we could do business together."
//04 Outsourcing
Our company handles personnel hiring in most countries in Latin America and performs background checks, confidentiality agreements, and onboarding.
You get a unified monthly invoice paying only a flat hourly rate. Employees are on our payroll and as the employer on record we take care of all HR-related legalities and commitments.
We take care of benefits and PTOs, and handle all payments, meaning you’ll only need to worry about being charged for hours actively worked by our staff.
Start as large or small as you like. Adjust your team as you go. All resources are entirely dedicated to your project and report to your leads as an extension of your engineering team.
We hire only full-time employees focused 100% on your projects. We don’t work with freelancers.
No signing or exit fees, no upfront payments, and no surprises.
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"In less than two years, Devlane scaled to more than 30 engineers organized in
full-stack autonomous teams, allowing us to have enough people to work on new features and reduce technical debt simultaneously, resulting in an increase from one to four million daily active users."

//05 Continuous Improvement
We assign someone free of charge to each account to oversee and ensure the hired engineers' quality and performance.
Our Team Engagement Advisor holds regular meetings with the assigned developers as well as your company to:
  1. Ensure that each team member stays motivated and meets your expectations.
  2. Works alongside team members in a continuous improvement program to enhance the individual performance of each individual.
  3. Provides training courses and materials to staff based on the interests of the developers and growth opportunities identified in collaboration with the client.
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"What I find most impressive about Devlane is its integrity. They say what they will do, and then they do it. When a mistake is made, take ownership and put things in place. They share feedback bi-directionally and are open to hearing our concerns and ideas not just to placate us but to see what they can glean from it honestly."
Our engineers

Why is it convenient to outsource in LatAm and not elsewhere?

There’s a high demand for Latin American developers, and there are several reasons why we are preferred for long-term partnerships over other countries in East Europe or Asia.

Talent Quality & Quantity
Talent Quality & Quantity
Same North American quality engineers but for a much more affordable price with a vast pool of developers across all LatAm countries in every technology. 
Ideal Timezone
Ideal Timezone
Distributed team from Argentina to Mexico, allowing us to collaborate with you during regular business hours. There are only 1-2 hours at most of difference between the East Coast and Latin American countries which lets us work side by side with your in-house developers as if they were onshore.
Cultural Similarities
Cultural Similarities
We share many values, such as quality standards, communication methods, remote work policies, and deadline standards, assuring fluent communication and synergy between team members.
Current Partnerships

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I start reviewing some candidates for my team?
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How do you evaluate a candidate’s technical skills?
Do you evaluate a candidate’s English proficiency?
Do you evaluate a candidate’s cultural fit?
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