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Selected software engineers for your project

Add carefully selected software engineers with a reliable tech partner, ramp up your project and reach those milestones you’re aiming for. We’ll find you the ideal IT resources that fulfill your requirements.

A project management timeline with a milestone achieved

Having an extended team can provide speed, new skills, and scalability to your project. Our engineers work full-time as part of your core team: they report directly to your managers, attend your project meetings, and follow your exact guidelines.

Extend your team

Expand your software development capabilities

A successful project requires just the right team, with a specific skill set, experience, and solid leadership to guide them. That's not always an easy task and certainly not cost-effective. You have to screen, interview, hire, and train many professionals for each project, and it ends up being time-consuming and not so practical.

Devlane's Extended Team Service is reliable, cost-effective, and the best option to rapidly build up a conveniently located, highly qualified, creative, and experienced team, ranging from scratch to full-scale development.

Let us set everything up for you

We want to make your life easier, leaving you with one priority:
Developing your product/service.

Our service not only provides engineers but also includes other offerings such as Project Management, HR follow ups, Payroll & Administration, Career Development & Training, and more.

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We’ll meet with you to discuss your current needs, timeline, budget, tech stack and what your company is generally requiring.

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Candidate screening

We’ll introduce you to our most suitable available developers or determine if we should recruit a new ideal candidate for you. We take care of the initial screening and technical interview, and then involve you in the selection process as you would an on-shore candidate.

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We start working and ensure a smooth start to the engagement: we onboard and familiarize the team with your company’s practices and we also introduce a technical account manager for the team that will be assigned to your project.

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Scaling & Maintenance

We’ll do regular follow ups with your executive and engineering team to ensure everything is running as it should. Adjustments will be made regarding priorities, communication and efficiency.

partner with Devlane

4 step partnership journey

Step by step, learn the journey we make with each new customer.

Business benefits

Benefits of the staff augmentation model

We know you already know most of this, but it doesn’t hurt to review.

Time Saving and Cost Effectiveness

Maintain the same quality of engineers from the US but with a reduced cost. We take care of everything, you only focus on your product or service, nothing more.

Skills and technology Stack

Staying with the latest trends of the market is a must for our company. We continuously train ourselves with the most used technologies in the industry.

Time Zone Differences

We have developers distributed across all LATAM which means we work with a near 100% overlap with the United States. This allows our team to synergise with yours smoothly.

Fully Scalable Team

There’s no minimum number of engineers to partner with us. You can start small and progressively increase your team based on your development needs. If your business grows we’ll do our best to accompany this milestone, as our recruiting team is always screening candidates.

Fluent English Communication

This one goes without saying. All of our developers and new hires are equipped with an advanced English level so that they can interact with your team members seamlessly.

Devlane Qualities

We provide a real partnership

These unique qualities are what differentiates us from other outsourcing companies and will bring a huge benefit to your organization.

Dedicated In-House Recruiting Team and Partner Network

Our in-house Talent Acquisition team combined with a network of outside consultants gives us the ability to reach a huge talent pool of engineers, speeding up the ramp-up process and meeting your deadlines and expectations.

Project Managers & Engineering Leader

Besides a dedicated team, we provide leaders and managers to each of our projects ranging from PMs, scrum masters to tech leads and an engineering director which will make it easier to manage your team. We also like to make recommendations on how to improve daily processes and practices.

Boutique Company Culture

This means that we keep a very close relationship with our clients. It’s not just about giving you a team, we truly care about your growth as we aim for a long term partnership. We establish regular meetings to review the work done, needs, issues and the future to come.

Dynamic and Flexible Work Ethic

We’ll adapt to your internal culture:  the usage of your preferred tools, adapt to your times, respect your policies, follow your process and everything you think is sacred for your organization’s success.

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Devlane is an outstanding boutique consulting firm. I’ve been able to scale my agile organization at Grindr by embedding Devlane developers, allowing me to grow quickly without compromising engineering quality.

They have truly outstanding technical talent, English proficiency and agile capability that can not be competed with any other consulting firm in South America.

Photo of Lukas Sliwka who is the Former CTO at Grindr
Lukas Sliwka
Former CTO at Grindr

Since Devlane joined the project, the company gained a new pipeline platform in Airflow and Kubernetes. They were also able to make other changes that effectively helped our operations. They are reliable, trustworthy, and committed.

Photo of Jason Jea who is the Director of Data Science & Analytics at Everlane
Jason Jea
Former Director of Data Science & Analytics at Everlane

We immensely appreciate how adaptable the Devlane team has been throughout their partnership, especially given the nature of their business paired with the difficulties imposed on them by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team did not lose their integrity or effectiveness in their service.

Photo of Josh Rhoades who is the SVP Of Engineering at Appetize
Josh Rhoades
Former SVP Of Engineering at Spot On

As a founder & CEO I’ve worked with multiple technology development resources, both as internal parts of our companies and external resources.

I have to say that Devlane has been far and away the top technology development partner we’ve worked with. Their attention to detail, great communication and on-time delivery is what sets them apart.

Photo of George Collado who is the CEO at My Field Audits
George Collado
CEO at My Field Audits
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