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Our recruitment process

How do we find precisely the engineers you need

Internal Search

Our main goal is to offer ideal candidates as soon as possible.* So before we open an external search, we look at our bench. If one of our Laners is a good fit and soon available, we can arrange an interview.

External Search

If we don’t find a suitable internal profile, or if the professional doesn’t meet your needs, we are able to open a search. At this point, we start our Talent Acquisition process, a standardized internal methodology to evaluate the candidates.

In the quest for the ideal candidate, soft skills are as crucial as technical expertise, yet they often prove challenging to quantify. To address this, our TA Team intensified efforts so that through the Behavioral Interview we can quantify and analyze the candidate’s soft skills and abilities. In this part of the process we delve into how the candidate behaved in different work situations.

Moreover, our technical interviews, led by seasoned subject matter experts, streamline the client's engineering team's efforts by efficiently filtering out unsuitable candidates, saving valuable time.

A team ready to work according to your needs

A team of experienced In-House recruiters plus a network of partners to find the best talent in LatAm.

When your company contacts us for the first time, our Recruiting Manager aims to gain a deep understanding of your needs and requirements. The more aligned we are with your expectations, the better focused our initial search will be.





Technical Skills

Each open search is completely personalized and tailored, because your company participates in every instance of our process. We believe that constant feedback is the foundation of a succesful hiring.

The team at Devlane effectively communicates the complex nature of their work and takes the time to understand the company's goals. They are trustworthy and dedicated experts who fit in seamlessly with in-house teams.

George Collado

CEO at MyFieldAudits

*1 in 4 candidates presented to our clients
becomes a new Laner

Trust at every hiring stage

We believe that good communication and transparency sustain satisfaction over time.

There is no pressure to hire anyone. There has always been a transparent and free flow of information and feedback, making my life easier as a hiring manager. All the engineers produce high-quality work and have solid communication skills.”

Darshit Desai

Head of Engineering

Data-Driven Talent Acquisition Strategies

We have an internally developed metrics tool that allows us to obtain statistical information about all candidates added to our ATS database. This allows us to determine the possibility of finding a certain technology or profile in each country, for example.

Some of the metrics we analyze:

Strategies by country

Strategies by technology


Open Searches

Funnel optimization

Candidate's Experience

Internal team performance levels

Continuous Learning is the Key

Although we are supported by our database, strategies and collaborative agencies, the teamwork of the TA area is the engine of our Recruitment Process.

That’s why the team constantly learns to achieve a comprehensive approach focused on talent with a diverse gender perspective.

We take care of Candidate & Client's Experience by asking them for feedback and analyzing their comments, our automatic metrics and processes on a weekly basis.

In this way we can guarantee shorter hiring times and skilled candidates who make a significant contribution to our clients.

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