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Be part of a company where you are valued as it should. If you are based in Latin America and are looking for growth opportunities and a challenging project, this is the right place. Get to understand why so many developers choose Devlane as their next stop.

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Our Foundations

Why choose Devlane as your next stop?

This team believes in one philosophy: you come first and are the top priority.

That’s how our fundamental culture was shaped: To help you achieve your best potential while being as comfortable as possible in your stay at our company.

These pillars are taken into account for every decision we make, prioritizing what’s most important: OUR LANERS.

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In our team, we trust
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Proud to be techie
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It’s up to you
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Leave you mark
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Keep it simple
After Office in CABA, 2022
After Office gathering in CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2022)
After Office in CABA, 2022
After Office gathering in CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2022)
Laner's dinning in Uruguay
Recruiting team dinner in Montevideo, Uruguay (2021)
Laner's in Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina
End of Year gathering Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2020)
Laners in a wine tasting in Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Wine tasting event in Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2020)
Devlane's team in Buenos Aires, Argentina
End of Year gathering CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2021)
Challenging Industries
Collaborative Teamwork
Long Term Relationship

What's in for you?

After many years in the outsourcing industry and some research, we know what developers seek in their career paths. We strongly believe that these ideas will be a differential for you.

Great Differential Perks

Perks that make the difference

We’ve worked hard to give our Laners benefits that could make a real difference in choosing us as their next company and are not present in every organization.

Way of work

Contractor, with undefined time. We also offer 100% remote work from the place you want.

Paid time off

25 paid days per calendar year for you to take a pause/break, personal days, or holidays.

Flexible work

8 hours of work per day. You can also manage your working hours as long as you respect clients' dynamics, meetings, and expectations.

Working space

Access to co-working spaces in several locations for those who need some extra privacy.

Payment method

100% USD with many options to receive your monthly income. We cover the most popular payment platforms.

Recruiting Time

Devlane Recruiting Process

The interview process is, in most cases, standard across the industry, but it’s always nice to understand what you are going to face and the different steps we have.

Talent Acquisition Interview

Initial meeting where we tell you about our team and our history, culture, and the challenge we have for you. We will get to know each other and answer any questions you have.

Technical Interview

You’ll meet one of our engineers, where you’ll discuss technical aspects of the position and the experience you have across the field. Also, a challenge will be waiting, so we are on board with your skills.

Client Interview

You will be introduced to the project leader to get to know each other. You’ll have space to ask and understand their business and the impact you can make in the industry.

Questions and Answers

Have a question? Our talent acquisition team is here for you

We are an open organization. If you have questions or concerns, you can directly contact a team member, and they will happily answer.

An icon of a resume with a checkmark

Every CV received on our webpage, or any other channel is viewed and taken into account and viewed by our recruiters. We provide 100% honest feedback to you to understand what’s going on during the process.

The testimonials

Meet some of our Laners

Get to know what some of our Laners think of working here, at our company and why they choose us.

Christian Perez
QA Engineer
“If you’re looking for a company with a highly professional level, human quality, and best human values, you’re looking for Devlane.”
Christian Perez
QA Engineer
“If you’re looking for a company with a highly professional level, human quality, and best human values, you’re looking for Devlane.”
Daniel Guidi
QA Engineer
"To work in Devlane is to work for a First Class company. All the projects in our customers are the most interesting ones and implement the most recent technology."
Marny Lopez
Software Engineer
‘’Working with Devlane means you will be working with professionals from lots of areas, but not only that, it means that you will make friends along the way from all over the Americas. If you are looking to make friends, learn, and work in cool tech, you should look into working with Devlane.’’
Daniela Fernandez
Software Developer
‘’Devlane is the right place for you if you are looking for a company to be yourself and learn and work with cutting-edge technology alongside highly qualified professionals in projects of different categories.’’
Diego Ferrochio
Scrum Master
‘’Devlane is a great place to develop your career path. Challenging projects, complex problems, and solutions will be faced every day, and you will be part of a top-performance professionals team.’’
Stephany Bolet
QA Engineer
“Devlane is the ideal place to develop as a qualified professional, with the best resources and continuous support, well-structured teams, challenging projects, and cutting-edge technology.”
Extra Perks

More and more benefits for you

We consider what every Laner would like to have as a benefit, and we do our best to make everyone happy. These are some additional benefits that you will access after joining our brand.

Welcome Kit

A variety of branded items for your day-to-day use.


High-end laptop, headphones & mouse for your daily tasks.

English Classes

Virtual classes if you are willing to keep learning your language skills.

Free Books

Up to 2 books for the personal use of your choice.


Want to certificate something? Devlane covers the cost.

Online Courses

Want to learn a new skill or language? We also cover the cost.

Monthly Challenges

Win prizes every month while participating in quizzes.

Integration Activities

Online or offline, laugh and get to know each other.

Referral Bonuses

Win a big money prize for referring to the next Laner.

Contribution Bonuses

Win money prizes while contributing to the brand.
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