The end-to-end team extension solution

We have the staff, the knowledge and the suppliers so you don't have to worry about anything but your goals.

360-degree Administration


Devlane simplifies your payment methods: your company receives a single invoice, and we manage the payment of salaries to engineers.

Commitment to your success

At some point in our partnership, you may want your engineer to receive training in some technology. We are always open to hearing your request, and that training will be at our expense.

A global team without border limits

If you want to train your engineers in person in another country, we can manage the visa, tickets, and lodgement to save you time and money. Then we charge for a refund.

All-inclusive service that makes your investment worth it

Efficient management saves costs and, above all, headaches.
That's why we think our outsourcing services from your perspective, simplifying the path to your goals at every step.

No Talent Acquisition fees

All our searches are tailored to your needs and are free of charge. Additionally, we accelerate hiring time by opening internal searches.

No legal contracting risks

Engineers are Devlane employees but 100% dedicated to your company's assigned project. We take care of the legal matters regardless of the country, freeing you from responsibilities.

No cost surprises: Stable hourly rate

The engineer who joins your team will work on a full-time basis of 40 hours per week. We only invoice the hours worked; overtime is only done if requested by your company plus, PTO is included.

We have a transparent rate that is defined by:

Engineer Seniority

Technology Stack

Engineer's Intended Salary

No taxes on your side

As a contractor, we take care of taxes incurred in the following activities:


Hiring Costs

Purchase and Shipping of Hardware

Hardware Repair


Ad Hoc Purchases


PTOs and Medical Leaves

To find the right talent, we evaluated several near-shore firms in Central and South America that could augment our engineering organization for technical proficiency, business English proficiency, and cultural fit. After a trial period of several weeks, we chose Devlane as the best fit in all categories while offering very competitive rates.

Lukas Sliwka

Former CTO at Grindr

Devlane has been quite effective with us, not only due to their near-shore and similar office-hour operations as our L.A.-based headquarters but also because of their engagement, quality of personnel, and staff experience.

Josh Rhoades

SVP of technology at SpotOn

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