Empower your Software team with LatAm Developers

We are your seamless integration with your in-house development team. Develop your product, we take care of the rest: HR, administration, project management, career plans, trainings, certifications, team follow up and guidance.

card showing the frontend team made up of android ios react native and flutter technologies. the team is ready to deploy.
card showing the backend team made up of nodejs golang python ruby on rails technologies. the team is ready to deploy.
card showing the quality assurance and software testing team made up of selenium appium swagger and cucumber technologies. the team is ready to deploy.
card showing the data engineering team made up of python sql airflow and hadoop technologies. the team is ready to deploy.
card showing the blockchain team made up of ethereum c++ eos and smart contracts technologies. the team is ready to deploy.

Great knowledge at your disposal

Extend your team by adding carefully selected software engineers to work side by side with your in-house team for a seamless integration.

Frontend Development

Modify or add new features, support, product maintenance.

Backend Development

Improve your microservices, build better databases, deploy new scriptings.

Data Engineering

Transform your raw data into useful insights for your business.

Software Testing

Fix bugs, find flaws and weaknesses, improve your performance.


Transform your daily operations into a more secure & safer solution.

first reason to partner with us

Competitive Price

We offer competitive pricing, maintaining the quality of the engineers you might come to expect for your business.

second reason to partner with us

Process Delegation

You only have to focus on your project, we take care of rest: Recruiting, vetting, legal, equipment, payroll, etc.

third reason to partner with us

Talent from LATAM

Regional talent demand is on the rise, as more and more North American companies are adopting a nearshore strategy.

fourth reason to partner with us

Diverse Tech Stack

Constant training lets us keep up with the industry and propose to our clients new and diverse ways of doing things.

fifth reason to partner with us

Timezone & Culture

Having engineers across all LATAM means we cover all the US time zones with up to 100% overlap, making day to day work much easier.

why devlane

5 reasons to partner with us

These are some of the main reasons our clients outsource and choose to trust in us as their partners.

Unique offering

Perks that make the difference

Closeness with our clients

As a boutique firm, we maintain closeness and transparency with our clients, with regular meetings to review your needs where we treat possible problems and required changes. If you need something in particular.

Constant Improvement

Our team is formed by tech leads and project managers capable of proposing new ways of getting the work done and participating in architectural discussions to improve the development process and practices.

Dedicated Recruiting Team

With 5+ in-house tech recruiters and a network of partners scattered across LATAM, our talent acquisition team focuses on finding the top talent. We never stop looking for candidates to keep our talent pool fresh.

Industry background

Industries we work with

Having a 10 year background of cross-industry experience, we are ready to face any challenge.

image composition showing industries we work with such as enterprise software consumer electronics social platforms marketplaces retail and ecommerce restaurants travel and hospitality supply chain and big data
Who we work with

Current partnerships quick peek

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Devlane is an outstanding boutique consulting firm. I’ve been able to scale my agile organization at Grindr by embedding Devlane developers, allowing me to grow quickly without compromising engineering quality.

They have truly outstanding technical talent, English proficiency and agile capability that can not be competed with any other consulting firm in South America.

Photo of Lukas Sliwka who is the Former CTO at Grindr
Lukas Sliwka
Former CTO at Grindr

Since Devlane joined the project, the company gained a new pipeline platform in Airflow and Kubernetes. They were also able to make other changes that effectively helped our operations. They are reliable, trustworthy, and committed.

Photo of Jason Jea who is the Director of Data Science & Analytics at Everlane
Jason Jea
Director of Data Science & Analytics at Everlane

We immensely appreciate how adaptable the Devlane team has been throughout their partnership, especially given the nature of their business paired with the difficulties imposed on them by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team did not lose their integrity or effectiveness in their service.

Photo of Josh Rhoades who is the SVP Of Engineering at Appetize
Josh Rhoades
SVP Of Engineering at Appetize

As a founder & CEO I’ve worked with multiple technology development resources, both as internal parts of our companies and external resources. I have to say that Devlane has been far and away the top technology development partner we’ve worked with. Their attention to detail, great communication and on-time delivery is what sets them apart.

Photo of George Collado who is the CEO at My Field Audits
George Collado
CEO at My Field Audits
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