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We are the preferred choice of the most forward-thinking companies for building and managing their nearshore development teams.

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Six reasons to do your ultimate Team Extension with us:


We find, retain, and promote the best talent in LatAm

Besides narrowing the time difference with your North American team, Latin American engineers offer high technical and language proficiency, proven adaptability, and the self-sufficiency needed for innovation and decision-making.


Employees across LatAm


But a remote-first company

Team Composed Of

Software & QA Testers

Data Engineers


Machine Learning Engineers

Frontend & Backend developers

This is how we build long-term partnerships

Meet companies that have amplified their teams with us – from Fortune 500 enterprises to midsize businesses and startups.

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40 Engineers
“We evaluated several near-shore firms in Central and South America that could augment our engineering organization for technical proficiency, business English proficiency, and cultural fit. We chose Devlane as the best fit in all categories while offering very competitive rates. Their developers truly felt like a part of our local team.”
Lukas Sliwka
Former CTO @Grindr
Point of sales
35 Engineers
“Devlane is its integrity. They say what they will do and then do it. Devlane seeks to understand our business and pressures, not just to forecast their contractual obligations as many others, but how they can help and optimize.”
Josh Rhoades
SVP of Technology @SpotOn
5 Engineers
“What sticks out to me about Devlane is their cultural alignment with us. Our culture, known as 'the three Hs'—humble, hungry, and highly intelligent—was very much in line with theirs during the hiring process with their talent acquisition team.”
Justin ho
Offshore Program Manager @Flipp 
6 Engineers
“All the engineers have been producing high-quality work and have solid communication skills. All team members made a significant impact, and are treated as full-time in-house engineers. There has always been a transparent flow of information and feedback, making my life easier as a hiring manager.”
Darshit Desai
Head of Engineering @Resortpass
8 Engineers
“They’ve found very skilled people in their talent pool that otherwise we wouldn’t have access to. Additionally, the speed with which Devlane has hired these resources has positively impacted our efforts.
Devlane is very easy to work with, and they move quickly and find some of the best resources I’ve seen’’
Dave King
CTO @Everlane
5 Engineers
“Devlane has been our primary source of development and has helped us become a profitable business. What I most value about our partnership is their leadership. They got creative to help us keep going when our finances were tight. They've always tried to find a solution to our needs, for which I'm grateful.”
George Collado
CEO @MyFieldAudits
4 Engineers
“They have all been excellent hires, and we are keeping them all long-term. Since this is a staff augmentation model, the team blended with our internal developers, making the collaboration perfect. We are delighted with the ability to find top-quality talent that also delivers on soft skills.”
David Hampton
Head of Engineering @Captiv8
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3 Engineers
“The Engineering director and I have a monthly check-in to ensure the relationship is going well and that the engineer's performance is as expected. The team attends every one of our calls. The process has been very smooth, and we hope to repeat it when we bring in more engineers through Devlane.”
Ross Gibson
Director of Engineering @Feeld 
2 Engineers
“We were searching for onshore sub-contractors and found Devlane as a possibility. The initial candidate we selected exceeded expectations in technical expertise, English-speaking communication, and the ability to work autonomously. So far, candidate capabilities from Devlane have been top-notch”
Neil Obremski
VP of Technology @Ambassador 

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