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Build a foundation for success with scalable and reliable backend solutions. Find out why team extension is the optimal approach for back-end mastery.

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Scale current backend to support more traffic
Design new software architecture
Develop and integrate APIs
Scale engineering team
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Power Up Your Team with Exceptional Latam Talent

Senior Back End Engineers ensure robust backend systems, vital for stability and scalability. They handle complex algorithms and optimize performance, contributing to product success.

Team Extension with Devlane offers access to top-tier Back End talent, streamlining project timelines.

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Backend Development expertise

Our team's involvement in complex Backend projects brings extensive expertise to the table. We prioritize seniority and soft skills, ensuring seamless collaboration and cultural fit. With synchronized time zones and full-stack proficiency, Devlane accelerates hiring and bridges technical skill gaps for confident business outcomes.

Working Technologies

Current Technologies and frameworks we work with

Our experience with these tech stacks is driven by our experience working across multiple industries, and based on the highest demand in the market.

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Node JS
Ruby on Rails
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