Add expertise, transparency and clear communication to your team

Our Team Engagement Advisor makes a difference in building long-term partnerships.

What does a Team Engagement Advisor do?

It’s a partner you can trust, a close point of contact for both your company and the Laners. Oversees and ensures the performance quality and motivation of the engineers to reach their maximum potential and meet your company’s objectives.

Team Integration

Accompanies new hires to ensure the onboarding process goes smoothly and facilitate adaptation.


Holds regular meetings with each developer to evaluate his/her satisfaction, motivation and performance, and detect any issue to be resolved.


Meet frequently with your company’s Team Leaders to verify your needs are being met and get feedback on time.


Leads a continuous improvement program by working alongside team members and empowering them to achieve their best performance.

Skills Training

The TEA is attentive to the needs of our developers and their growth opportunities to provide courses or training materials and improve their toolkits.

“All the engineers have been producing high-quality work and have solid communication skills. They have indeed made a significant impact in helping us with our launches and quarterly roadmap goals.”

Darshit Desai

Head of Engineering at Resortpass

“Candidate capabilities from Devlane have been top-notch — they are seamless members of our overall team. Also, communication has been quick, so all issues have been resolved without delay.”

Neil Obremiski

VP of Technology at MyFieldAudits

Motivation is everything

The Team Engagement Advisor plays a crucial role in the team's success, project and partnership.

Recognition Program

Our TEA is aware of milestones that were reached in the project, to recognize our team's efforts and enhance motivation. Your company can also reward engineers through our program, we make this initiative easier for you.

Empathic Approach

The daily support provided by the Team Engagement Advisor ensures that every team member's voice is heard, fostering early awareness of potential issues and providing us with the opportunity to address and resolve them promptly.

There is no pressure to hire anyone. There has always been a transparent and free flow of information and feedback, making my life easier as a hiring manager. All the engineers produce high-quality work and have solid communication skills.”

Darshit Desai

Head of Engineering

Make the Team Engagement Advisor your best ally to achieve your goals

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