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Quality Assurance & Software Testing Services

Deliver a solid customer experience with software that works flawlessly. This means: solid performance, no bugs, and no security issues. Add QA engineers to your team and scale your testing environment.

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Why companies reach us to add QA engineers?

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Define acceptance criteria for new features
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Establish new automation frameworks
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Increase test coverage and speed
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Detect and prevent bugs
Test your software

Testing your software is a critical stage

After several years in the industry, we are aware that every product is not perfect and it needs constant improvement.

Adding Quality Assurance Engineers to your team will boost your testing capabilities which will eventually improve your user’s final experience.

From manual to automated testing, we have you covered.

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How do we work?

Our company is committed to finding you the best engineers to extend your in-house team based on your needs.

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We’ll meet with you to discuss your current needs, timeline, budget, tech stack and what your company is generally requiring.

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Candidate screening

We’ll introduce you to our most suitable available developers or determine if we should recruit a new ideal candidate for you. We take care of the initial screening and technical interview, and then involve you in the selection process as you would an on-shore candidate.

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We start working and ensure a smooth start to the engagement: we onboard and familiarize the team with your company’s practices and we also introduce a technical account manager for the team that will be assigned to your project.

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Scaling & Maintenance

We’ll do regular follow ups with your executive and engineering team to ensure everything is running as it should. Adjustments will be made regarding priorities, communication and efficiency.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance knowledge we can add to your team

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UI Automation (Mobile or Web)

Test your product in the same way that your users will, allowing you to find not only operating errors but also problems in the user interface.
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API’s Automation

Validate if your back-end behaves as expected, both when it receives a correct request and when it doesn’t, giving your team the confidence to introduce improvements and optimizations without affecting existing users.
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Integration Testing

Even if all the modules in your system work correctly, that doesn’t mean they work in an integrated way. With integration testing, make sure the different parts of your system are working as a whole.
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Performance Testing

Performance testing allows you to validate that new releases not only work as expected but are also capable of supporting at least the same load with the same latency as previous versions.
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Regression Testing

Testing new features is very important to provide your users with a good experience, but it’s even more important to ensure that new changes don’t break existing functionality.
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Acceptance Testing

Validate that the software your team is building meets the specifications of the product team.
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Testing Process

How is the testing process set up?

Assuming we are setting up everything the process we follow is this one. Otherwise if we are integrating with your current QA team, we’ll adapt to your current flow, methods and tools you currently have in use.

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Define Testing Type

Understand if you need automated or manual testing based on the product and your needs.
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Plan a testing strategy that will be used for your application, the resources that will be used, the test environment in which testing will be performed, the limitations and the schedule of testing activities.
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Write & Execute

All testing done is documented to keep track of every functionality that was tested and the result of the different scenarios.
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Verify & Repeat

Results are verified and validated. If everything is correctly working we'll move to the next stage. If not, we'll repeat the process until things work as expected.

Improve your product

Let’s create or extend your QA and Software Testing capabilities with LATAM engineers.

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Devlane is an outstanding boutique consulting firm. I’ve been able to scale my agile organization at Grindr by embedding Devlane developers, allowing me to grow quickly without compromising engineering quality.

They have truly outstanding technical talent, English proficiency and agile capability that can not be competed with any other consulting firm in South America.

Photo of Lukas Sliwka who is the Former CTO at Grindr
Lukas Sliwka
Former CTO at Grindr

Since Devlane joined the project, the company gained a new pipeline platform in Airflow and Kubernetes. They were also able to make other changes that effectively helped our operations. They are reliable, trustworthy, and committed.

Photo of Jason Jea who is the Director of Data Science & Analytics at Everlane
Jason Jea
Former Director of Data Science & Analytics at Everlane

We immensely appreciate how adaptable the Devlane team has been throughout their partnership, especially given the nature of their business paired with the difficulties imposed on them by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team did not lose their integrity or effectiveness in their service.

Photo of Josh Rhoades who is the SVP Of Engineering at Appetize
Josh Rhoades
Former SVP Of Engineering at Spot On

As a founder & CEO I’ve worked with multiple technology development resources, both as internal parts of our companies and external resources.

I have to say that Devlane has been far and away the top technology development partner we’ve worked with. Their attention to detail, great communication and on-time delivery is what sets them apart.

Photo of George Collado who is the CEO at My Field Audits
George Collado
CEO at My Field Audits
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