Software Testing & QA

Quality Assurance & Software Testing Services

Deliver a solid customer experience with software that works flawlessly. This means: solid performance, no bugs, and no security issues. Add QA engineers to your team and scale your testing environment.

Why do companies reach us to add QA Engineers

Define acceptance criteria for new features
Establish new automation frameworks
Increase test coverage and speed
Detect and prevent bugs
Test your software

Testing your software is a critical stage

After several years in the industry, we are aware that every product is not perfect and it needs constant improvement.

Adding Quality Assurance Engineers to your team will boost your testing capabilities which will eventually improve your user’s final experience.

From manual to automated testing, we have you covered.

What implies to have a solid QA for your product or service?

Overall Increase in Quality

Reduction of Security flaws

Improved User Experience

Better Customer Satisfaction

Code Optimization

Enhanced Performance

Working Method

A better way to extend your team

We decided to aim higher and kick the playing board. You can learn more about what our partnership will be like and the differential we propose vs. other companies.

Partnering With Us

A Four-Step Journey

Did you know that we have an internal recruiting team plus a network of partners distributed across all LatAm for hiring? This allows us to screen thousands of candidates per week and find the best talent in the region suited to your team and your needs.

Initial Brief

We’ll meet with you to discuss your current needs, timeline, budget, tech stack and what your company is generally requiring.

Candidate Screening

We’ll introduce you to our most suitable available developers or start the corresponding recruiting process for the specific resource needed. We take care of the initial screening and technical interviews, and then involve you in the selection process as you would an on-shore candidate.


We familiarize the team with your company’s required practices. We set up the hardware and tools needed, integrate them into your communications flow, and do the necessary training to ensure a great work startup.

Scale, Follow & Maintenance

Our engineering director will do weekly/monthly follow-ups with the team and your executives/managers to discuss: Backwards feedback, assignment strategies, team growth, and adaptation to new challenges/technologies.

Our way of work

Software Testing & Quality Assurance knowledge we can add to your team

Besides applying good practices in Software Testing & Quality Assurance, all our projects are managed by our engineering director, which ensures the work is done correctly; avoiding drawbacks or setbacks in the project.

Automation Testing
Manual Testing
Web & Mobile QA
API Testing
Security Testing
Usability Testing
Performance Testing
Integration Testing
Acceptance Testing
Regression Testing
Working Technologies

Current Technologies and frameworks we work with

Our experience with these tech stacks is driven by our experience working across multiple industries, and based on the highest demand in the market.

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Testing Process

How is the testing process set up?

Assuming we are setting up everything the process we follow is this one. Otherwise if we are integrating with your current QA team, we’ll adapt to your current flow, methods and tools you currently have in use.

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Define Testing Type

Understand if you need automated or manual testing based on the product and your needs.


Plan a testing strategy that will be used for your application, the resources that will be used, the test environment in which testing will be performed, the limitations and the schedule of testing activities.
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Write & Execute

All testing done is documented to keep track of every functionality that was tested and the result of the different scenarios.
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Verify & Repeat

Results are verified and validated. If everything is correctly working we'll move to the next stage. If not, we'll repeat the process until things work as expected.

Improve your product

Let’s create or extend your QA and Software Testing capabilities with LATAM engineers.

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Clients that added QA engineers to their teams with us

Meet some companies that added QA engineers to their teams


Frequently Asked Questions

How can QA and software testing help my business?
Does your business need Software Testing?
How do you decide which type of Testing is required for my project?
Which type of service do you provide for customers?
Why outsource in LatAm and not other locations?
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The candidate capabilities from Devlane have been top-notch. They are seamless members of our overall team. Also, communication has been quick so all issues have been resolved without delay. Most of the mysteries within the code have been either resolved or at least uncovered by the group.

Neil Obremski
VP of Technology at Get Ambassador

Devlane is an outstanding boutique consulting firm. I’ve been able to scale my agile organization at Grindr by embedding Devlane developers, allowing me to grow quickly without compromising engineering quality. They have truly outstanding technical talent, English proficiency and agile capability that can not be competed with any other consulting firm in South America.

Photo of Lukas Sliwka who is the Former CTO at Grindr
Lukas Sliwka
Former CTO at Grindr

What most sticks out to me about Devlane is their cultural alignment with us. Our culture is what we call ‘the three Hs’: humble, hungry, and highly intelligent. Having the talks with their talent acquisition team and working through the hiring process, they’re very much in line with us, which sets them apart from other vendors I work with.

photo of Justin Ho
Justin Ho
Offshore Program Manager at Flipp

We immensely appreciate how adaptable the Devlane team has been throughout their partnership, especially given the nature of their business paired with the difficulties imposed on them by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team did not lose their integrity or effectiveness in their service.

Photo of Josh Rhoades who is the SVP Of Engineering at Appetize
Josh Rhoades
SVP Of Technology at Spot On

There is no pressure to hire anyone. There has always been a transparent and free flow of information and feedback, which has made my life easier as a hiring manager. All engineers are directly integrated with our frontend, backend or QA team. There is not us versus them in terms of workflow. all team members are treated as if full-time in-house engineers.

Darshit Desai
Head of Engineering at ResortPass
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