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Why you should outsource in Argentina? Main reasons

Outsourcing software development continues as one of the main trends in the IT market this year. There are many reasons why companies decide to maintain software development teams overseas, being the most crucial to reduce costs. Let's find why Argentina has become one of the top outsourcing destinations.

Nicolás Mosconi
May 13, 2024

More and more businesses all around the world are choosing Argentina as one of the best places in Latin America to outsource their operations.

In recent years, Argentina has made ​​a significant development of its software industry and its professionals. The IT sector has taken on the challenge of responding to the growing demand for digital services, defining an exportable offer that has allowed them to insert in a highly productive global market.

Here are some -very important- reasons to understand why you should think of Argentina as your next outsourcing partner:

Cultural Similarities

In countries with a culture very different from your own, you can easily end up with communication problems.

But in this case, business, entertainment, and social culture in -for example- the US and Argentina are closely aligned.

Their teams are very used to work with English-speaking companies, and the work dynamic is also very similar.

This achieves smooth business relationships between outsourcers and agents, giving the project an efficient context to work with.

Time Zone

Nearshore outsourcing to Argentina helps reduce communications obstacles due to different time zones.

The country is only 2 hours ahead of the East Coast and 5 hours ahead of the West Coast, making it easier when it comes to collaboration.

This offers real-time communications, as opposed to, for example, the 14 time-gap with India. You won’t need to have meetings at odd hours, and you won’t have to rely solely on email communications to talk to your team.

Nearshore outsourcing ensures you can speak to them immediately.

Innovation and Creativity

Argentina has a pool of very innovative, skilled, and talented people in different areas, being recognized as one of the most creative countries in the world.

Year after year, Argentina appears at top of winners at the most prestigious creativity and advertising awards around the globe.

Bilingual Industry

Argentina has a very large amount of English speakers, especially in the IT industry. English is Argentina’s most important foreign language and plays a vivid role in the country’s everyday life.

Argentina's companies are far more proficient in English than their far shore counterparts. So it’s simpler for you to interact with developer teams, making it easier all around.

Young IT Students and Graduates

When you choose a place to outsource to, the quality of labor is a key consideration. According to the Argentine Ministry of Economy, the country is home to approximately 1.500 IT companies and 75.000 IT professionals.

IT students pursuing degrees and post-graduate qualifications at universities had almost 80% annual growth last year.

This results in a reliable source of future professionals to work in a range of sectors, especially in the outsourcing industry.

Low Burnout Levels

In some Asian countries, worker attrition levels are a significant problem. This could have important cost implications for your company.

Each time a worker at your outsource center leaves a project, you lose productivity and resources in training a new person to take over.

By contrast, professionals in Argentina are much more resilient, especially at senior levels. This is partly because of the country's family-oriented culture, so they are less willing to relocate or leave their job for another.

And because United States and Argentine time zones are so close, people don’t have to adjust their working hours, and the work dynamic remains as they were in a local position.

Quality/Cost Balance

Argentina has been in the sight of foreign companies in the technology sector for many years now, which shows that it's an established, reliable software development market.

While other countries can offer lower costs but a not-so-great professional pool, Argentina differentiates itself by offering low costs and adding stand-out quality experts to the equation.

This country is globally known for its education’s quality, and therefore, the excellence of its professionals.


Argentina has a large, technically-savvy skilled pool of software engineers ready to work in any innovative project, with one of the best skilled-oriented workflows in the region.

This country's experts have the know-how to execute different kinds of projects in an agile way, following strict methodologies to reach the highest quality standards in the latest technology trends.

Diversity to Choose

The range of business opportunities in the software development industry is as broad as it is diverse.

Argentina shows diversity in terms of size, infrastructure, and services, allowing any player in the outsourcing market to find a company that meets its particular demands, offering a variety of software-related services, adapted to each need.


Following a culture of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, Argentina’s software development sector has been growing steadily over the years.

They have seen some major tech companies growing, such as OLX, Globant, and MercadoLibre, a blooming e-commerce platform with its own payment service app. Experts had estimated that by the end of this year, Argentina’s software development sector would bring in $7.33 billion, and the country has been investing steadily in this industry.

So, companies looking to hire overseas programmers from Argentina will find a very suitable IT industry in this region.

The rise of Argentina as a center of technological development shows a country that offers excellent business opportunities to foreign companies.

Argentina speaks your language, has professionals with the skills you need, low-costs and high-quality expertise, and a culture your company is familiar with.

Its people are creative, loyal, and likely to stay with your team for years to come.

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