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Top Software Development Companies for Small Companies

Small business software development has acquired increased importance, which means the complexities of managing software development projects have increased significantly. And thus, for those mid-sized businesses seeking reliable assistance, there's a need for the top companies that provide small business software development services.

Juan Manuel Saud
May 13, 2024

Developing custom software for small firms is a specialized task, as development teams must align themselves with the application context and the business's strategy.

Small companies need applications for every business function, including From CRM, HR and Payroll, Accounting, and Point of Sale.

There are 33.2 million small businesses in the United States alone; the number is even more significant globally.

The high expense of assembling the infrastructure and an own team of software developers for producing robust software applications keeps most small businesses from having an in-house software development strategy.

The scale of work and investment required is beyond the scope of smaller teams; most small to medium businesses use either a fully outsourced model or a blend of in-house management and outsourcing development.

Specialized software development services can help small businesses overcome crucial challenges.

Latin America software development market overview

Latin America's software industry is thriving, yielding revenue worth $22.1 billion in 2021. Countries like Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia are home to some of the best partners in the region. Argentina's software market was valued at $1.9B in 2021, and it's anticipated to increase to $2.8B by 2026. 

Argentina is a fast-developing software development market with 3,800 regional IT companies, making it a rich outsourcing epicenter.

US firms choose Argentina as their favored nearshoring region because of its English proficiency, reasonable rates, and suitable time zone. 

Argentina boasts a growing software development market, with the US accounting for approximately 60% of Argentina's outsourcing services, making it the most significant contributor to its IT sector growth. 

Partners in the country provide custom software development, IT consulting services, mobile applications, and web development for service industries such as Information Technology, finance, and eCommerce. ‍

Industry-leading companies outsourcing IT jobs to Argentina include Cisco, Google, Microsoft, and Nokia.

Top LatAm software companies for SMBs


Is a boutique nearshore software development company headquartered in Uruguay with presence across all of LATAM.

They are devoted to finding the best tech talent in Latin America and extending client’s internal development teams via a staff augmentation model.

They prioritize having a close relationship with their clients, always taking the utmost care of their requirements and looking to improve their daily operations by suggesting new ways or practices.

They are primarily focused on the North American market and are considered by their clients as a strategic tech partner in which they can rely on to grow and improve their business.

The founders and executives behind Devlane have over 10+ years of cross-industry experience in nearshore operations, with mobile and web development, backend development, software testing & QA, Blockchain and data engineering.


N-iX is a global technology company that operates across the US, Latin America, and Europe delivering technology consulting and custom software development services to partners around the globe.

The company operates a development center in Medellin, Colombia, while maintaining a talent pool across Latin America.

The team comprises 2,000+ experts who cover various competencies delivering software development services across industry verticals such as manufacturing, fintech, retail, healthcare, automotive, and telecom.


One of the more prominent software development companies in LATAM, with a global talent pool of around 4,000 experts, the company offers staff augmentation and software development services across such industries as healthcare, fintech, education, media, and more.

This vendor provides various services, including web development, cloud consulting, and Big Data consulting. 

Gorilla Logic

One of the more prominent software development companies in LATAM, with a global talent pool of around 4,000 experts, the company offers staff augmentation and software development services across such industries as healthcare, fintech, education, media, and more.

This vendor provides various services, including web development, cloud consulting, and Big Data consulting.


This vendor is a large software development company in LATAM that delivers its services globally across the US, Europe, and Asia. It specializes in custom software development and other services, such as cloud consulting.

The company has an impressive track record, with a portfolio of successful projects in various industries, such as education, healthcare, energy, and fintech.


This vendor provides services, including IT staff augmentation, custom software development, e-commerce development, web development, UX/UI design, digital innovation, testing, marketing automation, security, DevOps, and more;

This is also a large software development company in LATAM, which means they have a large talent pool to match your needs.


The company has been providing software solutions to customers in various industries for the last three decades, making it one of the oldest vendors in LATAM.

The vendor has built solid and lasting customer relationships, resulting in high customer satisfaction rates.

Their team provides software development services across such industries as telecom, fintech, customer products and services, and more.

Forte Group

For the past two decades, this software development vendor has been delivering top-notch solutions to customers from multiple industries, establishing itself as one of the leading Latin American developers.

They have developed strong, long-term customer relationships, resulting in high customer satisfaction. Their team provides software services for fintech, eCommerce, hospitality, and more sectors.

Waverley Software

This software development firm has worked closely with customers from various industries for over three decades, making them one of the most experienced companies in Latin America.

The company works with IoT, AI Machine Learning, Cloud, and more technologies to deliver innovative solutions to its clients. Their primary industry focus is on financial services, education, and healthcare.

Objective Group Inc

This vendor is one of the long-standing hubs for software developers in Latin America, providing such services as custom software development, staff augmentation, and IT consulting.

The company primarily works with mid-sized businesses leveraging a variety of programming languages and technologies.

Though the company has a limited pool of talent to satisfy a more significant need to hire Latin American developers, it offers the technical prowess to compensate for it. 


This vendor is the youngest on our list of Latin American developers, but it has already proven its capacity to deliver exceptional results.

The company primarily works with mid-sized businesses across healthcare, hospitality, fintech, etc. With a growing potential and an increasing clientele, you may consider this company to hire Latin American developers.

Choosing the ideal software development partner for your business

Narrowing down your search list allows you to save time when initiating negotiations with potential vendors.

Choosing a great partner, you need to learn more than just a Google search can give.

That is the stage where you need to dive deeper, so here are the essential steps you need to take:

See what their industry focus is

When hiring Latin American developers, you need to know the industry focus of your potential partner.

Domain knowledge is as necessary as technical expertise, so you must look for vendors with experience working in your industry vertical.

That is why you need to partner with a vendor who has experience working with the technology you need and the industry you work in. 

Check their portfolio

When selecting among the best vendors, it's essential to understand the projects the vendor has already worked on.

Researching the vendor's portfolio, understanding what industries the vendor specializes in, and speaking to previous partners can help ensure the right partner is chosen.

Do not hesitate to contact their previous clients to discuss the details of their cooperation, the strengths of the vendor, and the value they have delivered. 

Discuss the cooperation models

It is essential to research the vendor's customer service model. It would help if you focused on the partners that offer cooperation models that match your needs.

Some businesses need team extension services to boost their technical capabilities; others require a custom software solution developed nearshore.

And you need to know what your potential vendor can do for you. Take the time to understand the vendor's pricing model, their payment terms, and the project's overall cost.

Select a partner who can deliver results concerning your budget.

Why work with a Software Development Services Provider for SMBs?

Covers the technology support

Experienced small business software development companies have state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and certified teams in technologies and Agile methodologies, employing the best architectures and models to bring customers the best results.

No hiring headache

Partnering with an excellent Small Business software development services provider grants your company access to your project's top 10% of technology talent.

Customers don't have to evaluate thousands of applications or engage in extensive training programs. Easy availability of expertise helps companies scale their consumption as the business needs.

Better emphasis on core strategies

Outsourced software development helps small businesses spend quality time on core business activities, freeing up time to commit to better their strategies.

The same applies to the cost savings facilitated by outsourcing.

Cost and Time Optimization

When you outsource your software development project, you convert fixed costs into variable costs, as you only have to pay for the services you will consume.

The software development companies offering services to SMBs also understand the price sensitivity and hence offer lower rates.

Moreover, the experience of working with other small businesses with similar challenges helps provide faster solutions.

Time zone advantage

Working with one of the top software development companies for small to medium businesses operating in a different time zone removes friction and seamlessly streamlines development.

When you start your day, the development team has already done the work in the pipeline for the previous day so that the project progress can be better tracked.


Choosing an excellent small business software development solutions provider takes a lot of work; There are various factors that you have to consider to evaluate and arrive at the choice.

If the Latin America software industry is uncharted territory for you, and you're looking to hire nearshore talent from the region, don't hesitate to contact us!