The path to diversity

Inclusion and Diversity are main topics that are worked on with greater intensity within human resources teams. In this article, I'll try to propose a brief tour of the most critical points around Diversity and how we ensure it at Devlane, its benefits for the service we provide, and the challenges we face.

Melina Sedlar
May 13, 2024

What is diversity in a work team?

First, to talk about diversity is to talk about “difference.” It means that each person who joins a work team has an individual trait, characteristic, perspective and ideology that englobes a group of attributes, for example, Generational diversity (inclusion of different generations from Z to baby boomers), Ethnic and Racial Diversity (encouraging the participation of cultural and ethnic groups, respecting cultural heritage), Gender difference (variety of identities, men women, transgender, non-binary entities and more), Ability differences (respect the different ability and capacity conditions of each person) and differences Cultural (respect for other cultures and care for their traditions).

Recognizing that social, educational, and work contexts impact each path of differences/attributes is essential. 

Inside Devlane, we take this reality and empower the teams throughout Latam, seeking to give rise to and enrich ourselves with the differences of our Laners, who have a space to encourage, value, and include all expressions of life experience, thought, and ability within our teams.

Why is it important to include diversity in work teams?

We can open doors when we collect a person's characteristics and build diverse teams because we receive different insights to feed on other points of view and add value to our projects. 

By including different experiences, we can make room for different ways of discussing, arguing, and seeing a situation from various points of view to make the best decisions.

Creativity and innovation are stimulated, things that would not happen if they were all the same.

To see a diverse work team is to reflect a piece of society's general diversity. This is essential in important companies and organizations that seek to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and users.  

Companies promoting diversity are more interesting since you find many talents. Therefore, your contribution to staying in a workspace increases, the work climate grows, and a positive and creative atmosphere is facilitated that directly impacts the employee's health, maintaining a work-life balance purpose. 

Prioritizing working hard on this central topic allows us to integrate different audiences and markets to reach us with new ideas, comments, and preferences, reflecting a complete understanding of the diverse demographic work-life needs.

How do we do it at Devlane?

At Devlane, we lead this need in different ways. From the first day of contact, with our warm understanding of their needs and the team's diversity, we look for the best candidate to adapt to that context, add value, and take something away.

At the same time, we develop active listening in each interview. We do not hold biases, prejudices, or assumptions, but we question and will look for concrete data to make the best decision.

On the other hand, we continue training. Last month, the talent team conducted training with a diversity and gender consultant to understand how the market is, what the news and updates are, and how we can continue improving our processes and provide them with healthy spaces for our future Laners.

Once the person enters the company, we seek to accompany them in their onboarding process, attending to all the needs that arise and then carrying out 1-on-1 follow-ups to be able to listen, work, and achieve the goals of each collaborator, growing a sincere exchange and in constant motion.

What challenges will we face in the future?

Throughout this article, we have tried to explain how diversity beneficially impacts multicultural work teams.

We tell you how we do it in Devlane and the challenge. From our HR teams, we assume the commitment to continue improving our training and development of new skills to accompany the members of our company to the maximum.

In a changing and challenging IT world, keeping up with the changes proposed by the area allows you to make a broad reading of the market, anticipate strategies, and lead current and future situations more effectively.

Within the values that we adopt in our company, the appreciation and respect for the individual journey of each collaborator make our company a diverse and constantly growing space.

In conclusion, at Devlane, opening dialogues about important issues are significant to our growth and company progress. Our main objective is to acknowledge the inherent value of different voices in our community. This allows us to develop a genuine diversity and a mutual respect environment for continuous improvement. 

We desire to continue looking for new values in our organization. The dedication to the forest, a culture of non-discrimination and tolerance, is to achieve and understand the positive transformation to confront and work on this topic. 

This approach positively impacts our productivity. Considering diverse ideas and abilities to collaborate in creativity and innovation, reading, and accompanying disabilities enriches our workplace and demonstrates our commitment to a collective effort. 

This input improves interpersonal relationships among associates. We work hard to create a safe space with real connections and empathy to shared goals in a harmonious environment. 

To sum up, we are committed to continuing dedication, time, and efforts to include diversity, create non-discrimination and tolerance environments, including differences, and drive our business to succeed in Devlane and positively impact society.