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Is Motivation Important at Work?

Everybody talks about motivation, however, not everybody knows what motivation really is. When you look at the definition on the Cambridge University Dictionary it says: “The need or reason for doing something”, “Enthusiasm for doing something”. If you pay attention, in both definitions a feeling or intention that guides an action appears. In Simplex Software we help you to define a reason and a need that support your tasks.

Melina Sedlar
Melina Sedlar
November 2022

Why is it important to take motivation into account?

As an IT Company we have values and a clear mission related to increasing job satisfaction. We understand “satisfaction” as the engine that connects the human quality of our teams with the service we provide.

A motivating environment impacts on productivity because if you recognize the needs of your employees, you will create a sense of belonging in your work teams. For this reason we name ourselves “Simplers”.

What is the challenge for Human Resources?

First, we have to consider 6 importants points that make motivation possible:

1) We think of a strategy: It means, we have to define our WHAT (goals and results for the teams) to then think of the HOW ( what are we going to do to get it?)

2) Recognition of achievements: we have to give constant feedback to motivate our team members in their tasks so that they can always have the opportunity to improve their performance.

3) Communication: Use the correct words and provide employees with spaces for dialogue and feedback.

4) Benefits: Provide corporate benefits competitive with the business.

5) Working Environment: create a happy work environment where the ideas can be built in pairs.

6) Possibilities of participation: This new challenge brought by the quarantine is something we should pay close attention to as it is crucial to make sure employees continue having their space to interact online and have some small talk, socialize and laugh in the work routine.

Let me show you HOW we do it at Devlane...

Simplex Challenges: Every Thursday, we propose a new challenge to interact through our communication channel. The challenges can go from sending a picture from a funny trip, guessing a masked character, sharing the best song of all time, among others.

At the end of the day, we choose the winner and we award different prizes. This space allows you to interact with all the members, no matter where they are, we create the space to meet each other and have a fun time.

Devlane Lunch: Every Friday we meet for a while at noon and share an online lunch. It is a good time to share what we did during the week and what plans we have for the weekend. We spend most of our time at work so we should enjoy it.

From Simplex we understand motivation as the basis of desire. These are some of the proposals we have for you. If you are interested in learning more about our company we invite you to join us!

You can check every open position we have over here.

Thanks for reading!