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Flutter: Create Beautiful Native Apps In Record Time

As the field of technology is progressing at a fast pace, it has revolutionized the world tenfold. Within the auspices of this highly-advanced world, software development is playing a paramount role. At present, we are all surrounded by a wide network of software.

Marny Lopez
February 29, 2024

As per the statistical data, in 2019, it was recorded that in a world of 7.9 billion people, there exist at least 5.11 billion mobile users. Considering this fact, let’s shine a light on Software Development and SDK. 

Software Development

In today’s world, it’s an undeniable fact that a simple smartphone and an average laptop can benefit the business to a great extent.

Approximately, 70 percent of the time is spent on apps. This simply means that well-integrated software can take a company to the next level. 

Likewise, it holds significant importance for entrepreneurs, especially for mobile app development. Different software exhibits the different technological advancements which then shapes the whole journey.

Software Development Matters 

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Why has software development become so important for the world? On the surface, the answer to this question is relatively simple.

Lately, it has become impossible to see any business flourish without its software, and linked with it is its online marketing.

In modern societies, advancement in software now defines how well a business works.

Therefore, a mobile app is a sine qua non for successful businesses. In short, it has now a direct influence on numerous aspects of our day-to-day lifestyle.

 Let’s pen down a few of the many noteworthy features of software development. 

  • It provides the entrepreneurs with a well-built platform that can bring high revenue for the respective company. 

  • It can take any business model to new heights of integration and connectedness. It keeps the company accessible to all using smart phone or computer systems. 

  • It can have an everlasting impact on customers, thus, improving sales and services. Also, well recognized and managed software can generate customers’ positive feedback swiftly. If satisfied once, they can frequently access your services as well as products. 

Software Development Toolkit (SDK)

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SDK Meaning

It is known as a set of tools that can be used by hardware and software developers to create software for certain applications. 

This application/software can be designed for any operating system, specific platform, computer system, or device. What’s more, SDKs are primarily associated with native mobile applications.

GOOGLE named it “Flutter”

Right after the launch of Android, Google released its Software Development Kit (SDK) naming it as Google Flutter.

Notably, as this revolutionary product came from the search engine giant, it proved to be the more advanced version of Android SDK. 

App Development in Flutter 

What’s Flutter special at? 

It is Google’s mobile app SDK, well-designed for crafting high-quality and beautiful native interfaces on Android and IOS in record time.

In addition to this, it works with the existing code. Flutter is created by App Development experts.

The most commendable characteristic of Flutter is its free usage by software developers and organizations around the world. 

Cool things about flutter            

  • Single Codebase
  • Ease of integration
  • Reduced development costs
  • High speed
  • Premium quality 
  • Offline support
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Advanced UI interactions
  • Utilizes the C++ rendering engine
  • Free and open-source 

Who is it designed for?

  • Developers: Developers are the ones to get remarkable benefits from such fantastic app development tools. It provided them with an easy-to-use language and a quality-rich set of widgets.

  • Designers: They are also making maximum use of it as Flutter, with its exceptional features and tools, capacitates the developers to converge on a brand-driven experience on IOS and Android. 

Flutter as an efficient tool

Stateful Hot Reload

One of the best features about flutter is its “hot reload” ability. 

  • With this, the app developers can promptly add new things and fix bugs. 
  • Hot reload also enables the designers and developers to have a better collaboration experience. 
  • Flutter is programmed in such a way that it has the capability of injecting updated versions of code files directly into the running Dart VM. 
  • It also retains the app state after a reload. 
  • Along with all the facilitating features, it has some limitations too. 

Dart Programming Language

  • Flutter gives the experience of a single-stepped profiler and debugger
  • It runs automatically when a user starts the app using flutter run
  • Dart-observatory feature helps it to observe which lines of codes have been executed
  • Keeps a check on memory allocations
  • Debug any memory leaks immediately

Ideal Hybrid App Development

In the auspices of this particular feature of flutter, there is no need to build an application individually for two different platforms.

An app developer can simply create an app for once; obtain its code, and then further use that codebase for other apps on varying platforms. 

Moreover, Flutter also allows to start on development for Fuchsia. It is an operating system that is also created by Google.

As per the analytical projection, it is said that Fuchsia can be an Android replacement in the future. 

Flutter is perfect for MVP

Surprisingly, if an app developer wants to show a specific product to the investors or the entire outer world, he can get his hands-on mobile application development and build an app that looks original on both Android as well as iOS. As a result, investors can right away grasp how his MVP seems like. 

Every single application, with an unique codebase

In case the developer wants to create a native application for Android, a single language is all that is needed. It can be used for the backend as well as for designing the app. 

However, the layout and language are not single in others such as Java or Kotlin. Flutter’s single language feature, thus, makes it stand out among all.


Mobile app development in Flutter

With the help of the Flutter tool kit, Google has created an AdWords app. It is useful for advertisers and great at buying ads. Similarly, the Alibaba app is known to be the largest E-commerce company in China that is also developed with a toolkit.

Not all the apps developed by using the toolkit are as popular as Alibaba and AdWords. To this end, we see that how flutter: Create beautiful native applications in record time, has added enormous value to the mobile app developer community.

Not only this, but with this toolkit of flutter, the owners who aspire to streamline the app development process, have progressed miraculously. 

The power of widgets 

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Widgets are inevitable for an application’s swift usage and its wide-range access.

They also play an essential role in the app’s interface and view.

And, regardless of the screen size, widgets must appear to be naturally built.

Therefore, in flutter, there is an extensive capacity to build complex widgets. As a whole, they can be used for the entire screen and for mobile apps too. 


To sum it all, it is vital to understand the flutter, as it has been primarily designed by Google’s team to ensure the cross platform development coupling it with native-like performance abilities.

With the rapid advancement in the software development field, Flutter is all set to deliver a unified experience with the mitigation of all possible risks.