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Devlane Acquires a Brand-New 5-Star Review on Clutch

At Devlane, we help organizations build game-changing software to boost their operational efficiency. We are a boutique software development company that offers a great mix of finding highly talented professionals and competitive pricing.

Juan Manuel Saud
February 29, 2024

We’re an effective partner for fast-growing companies that need to scale efficiently to support the capacity requirements of their projects.

Today, we’re thrilled to show you the newest 5-star review on our Clutch profile:

For context, Clutch is a market research resource that provides organizations with the ability to browse and connect with the service vendors they need to improve performance.

Through its feedback collection methodology, Clutch shapes an environment where companies can find the provider that they deem the best fit to support them in their agendas. Clutch ensures that each review is unbiased and unfiltered.

The newest review in our catalog of verified feedback comes from MyFieldAudits, a software company that partnered with us at the start of 2018. In their feedback, they described the specifics of our collaboration, including the requirements and the results we’ve achieved.

Our project started when the client decided to rebuild three of their platforms from the ground up, namely:

  • Native IOS & Android APPs (with full media capture) 
  • Web Application 
  • Remote Application

We were involved in all of the processes, from design and strategy to implementation, and we’re proud to report that we’ve been an integral part of the client’s success and profitability.

“Their leadership was impressive. From day one, they were there for us. When our finances were tight, they got creative in order to help us keep going. They've always tried to find a solution for our needs!”

— George Collado, CEO, MyFieldAudits

Thank you to George and his team for taking the time to leave their honest feedback about our 4-year partnership. Don’t forget to read the full review on Clutch to discover how we handled the project overall. Moreover, we’re named among the top companies on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister website that lists the leading vendors in various industries.

If you’re interested in our solutions, please get in touch with us today!