Backend Development

Backend development for a rock-solid product

Add backend developers to your in-house development team and make your software work flawlessly.

Why do companies reach out to us to perfect their Backend?

Scale current backend to support more traffic
Design new software architecture
Develop and integrate APIs
Scale engineering team
Extend your team

If the core of your product doesn't work smoothly, you could be damaging your user experience

To stand out from the competition, your product should work like a breeze. If you lack the required workforce to maintain the security, accuracy and performance of your backend, we are ready to boost your capabilities by adding LatAm IT talent to your development team.

With over 10+ years of background experience developing apps and products for several clients, we are ready to partner up with your company and make it grow over time.

Working Method

A better way to extend your team

We decided to aim higher and kick the playing board. You can learn more about what our partnership will be like and the differential we propose vs. other companies.

Partnering With Us

A Four-Step Journey

Did you know that we have an internal recruiting team plus a network of partners distributed across all LatAm for hiring? This allows us to screen thousands of candidates per week and find the best talent in the region suited to your team and your needs.

Initial Brief

We’ll meet with you to discuss your current needs, timeline, budget, tech stack and what your company is generally requiring.

Candidate Screening

We’ll introduce you to our most suitable available developers or start the corresponding recruiting process for the specific resource needed. We take care of the initial screening and technical interviews, and then involve you in the selection process as you would an on-shore candidate.


We familiarize the team with your company’s required practices. We set up the hardware and tools needed, integrate them into your communications flow, and do the necessary training to ensure a great work startup.

Scale, Follow & Maintenance

Our engineering director will do weekly/monthly follow-ups with the team and your executives/managers to discuss: Backwards feedback, assignment strategies, team growth, and adaptation to new challenges/technologies.

Our way of work

Best practices in Backend Development

Besides applying good practices in backend development, all our projects are managed by our engineering director, which ensures the work is done correctly; avoiding drawbacks or setbacks in the project.

Microservices Architecture
Database Programming
Design Patterns
Multi Threading
Test Driven Development
Object-Oriented Programming
Domain Driven Design
APIs Programming & Integrations
Working Technologies

Current Technologies and frameworks we work with

Our experience with these tech stacks is driven by our experience working across multiple industries, and based on the highest demand in the market.

Node js icon
Node JS
Node js icon
Ruby on Rails icon
Ruby on Rails
PHP icom
Golang icon
SQL icon
Python icon
C sharp icon
Django icon
React logo
React Native
Laravel icon
Javascript logo
Java logo
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Is your company ready to skyrocket its backend?

Let’s discuss your backend development needs and talk about your requirements.

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Client cases that outsourced with us

Meet some companies that added backend engineers to their teams.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What differential do you offer from other outsourcing companies?
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