About Devlane

We are here solely for one thing: Help SMBs achieve sustainable growth, reach their milestones and make their digital products unique

By supplying high-quality software engineers and all our background expertise in many industries, we aim to change people's life by partnering with North American & European businesses.

Our mission is simple: Become and be considered the Nº 1 technology partner based in LatAm for companies seeking to scale their in-house software development capabilities.

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Our Brief Story

How was our brand created?

Devlane was founded in 2020 by three software engineers with ten years of experience in the nearshore software development sector. With their knowledge and passion for building software, they launched the company following the same engineering principles their careers imprinted: an agile, efficient, and pragmatic business.

After many years of working on local projects in Uruguay and Argentina, an opportunity arose to start working with companies in other countries, switch the business model, and open up as a nearshore firm to work with companies from North America.

Devlane's presence results from years of learning, developing our talent pool, hard work, and the quality standard we offer our customers.

Simplicity, software that fulfills its purpose, solid foundations that allow its evolution, and fluid communication are the premises that hold this company together.

Quick Facts

Quick facts for you to know us

Quick Facts about Devlane
Our Values

What values do we search on future Laners?

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Technical Abilities

Technical Abilities

We do our best to attract Ssr. or Sr. engineers with proven academic records based on the market demands.

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Communications Skills

Since all our clients are English speaking, we solely search for professionals that have a high English proficiency

Cultural Values

Cultural Values

We enormously value candidates who align with our brand values and feel they can fit on a North American team with no hustle.

Our talent

How do we seek and hire talent across all of Latin America?


Sourcing & Hunting

We add thousands of candidates monthly to our talent pool, ready to be screened and interviewed based on our client's requirements, market trends, and future needs. We also receive many candidates from our partners and agencies that work with us.


Talent Acquisition Interview

A first approach to the candidate is where we test their English communication skills, cultural fit, soft abilities, and if they are a great fit to become a Laner and get involved in one of our projects on a long-term basis.


Internal Technical Interview

We conduct Internal technical interviews where our Lead & Sr. software developers work to test the coding abilities of each candidate, no matter the technology or role.


Client-side Interview

A final interview with the lead engineer from the project the candidate will be part of, mainly to review again if there is a good fit and re-validate their coding skills.

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One of four candidates presented to our clients
Becomes a New Laner.

Building the best place to work day by day for our Laners

The most valuable thing for us is our Laners;
we are always looking for new ways to keep them motivated and happy in our working environment.

Competitive Salaries

Competitive salaries

We do our best to keep industry-standard rates and reward the efforts of each teammate when they are ready to make the next step in their careers.

Activities & Flexibility

Activities & Flexibility

Flexible hours, remote-based work, high-end hardware, a brand ambassador program, referral programs, after-office, and gifts are some perks we give to our Laners to make them feel part of the team.

Internal Follow-ups

Internal Follow-Ups

Our HR department ensures that each Laner is listened to understand how they are doing, their needs, and if they are comfortable doing what they are doing.

Our attrition rate YoY is only 10%

Glassdoor Rating

Our Work Speaks for us

The engagement allowed the platform to go from 2 releases per quarter to 30 per month and uptime went from 95% to 99.99%. Devlane leverages technical expertise and experience to produce high-quality results. The team is talented, hard-working, and knowledgeable

The team at Devlane effectively communicates the complex nature of their work and takes the time to understand the goals of the company. They are trustworthy and dedicated experts who fit in seamlessly with in-house teams.

They adopted and improved the our company standards and practices. Their team was adept at managing the time difference and highly committed to the work. It was a true partnership.

There is no pressure to hire anyone. There has always been a transparent and free flow of information and feedback, which has made my life easier as a hiring manager. All the engineers have been producing high-quality work and have solid communication skills.

Let's team up and build great software together.
Are you ready?