It's time to skyrocket your product with LatAm software engineers

Are you a small or medium business trying to get funding or developing new functionalities for your product but need more technical skills or the required workforce?

Our team extension (staff augmentation) brings world-class software developers to your in-house team to work side by side seamlessly. Learn why so many companies in North America choose to partner with us.

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Why you should outsource your IT needs with a nearshore software company?

By providing a highly tailored and customized service, we’ve built a model that differentiates us from other IT staff augmentation companies that appeal to most startups, SMBs and big companies looking to increase their in-house development team.

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Our engineers

Do you know why it is better to add Latin American engineers rather than Asian or Europe ones?

There’s a huge demand for Latin American developers for quite some time now, and there are several reasons for that. Our engineers are distributed from Argentina to Mexico to facilitate the integration with your in-house development team.

Talent Quality & Quantity
Talent Quality & Quantity
Same North American quality engineers but for a much more affordable price with a vast pool of developers across all LatAm countries in every technology. 
Ideal Timezone
Ideal Timezone
Distributed team from Argentina to Mexico, allowing us to collaborate with you during regular business hours. There are only 1-2 hours at most of difference between the East Coast and Latin American countries which lets us work side by side with your in-house developers as if they were onshore.
Cultural Similarities
Cultural Similarities
We share many values, such as quality standards, communication methods, remote work policies, and deadline standards, assuring fluent communication and synergy between team members.

Our reputation precedes us

The engagement allowed the platform to go from 2 releases per quarter to 30 per month and uptime went from 95% to 99.99%. Devlane leverages technical expertise and experience to produce high-quality results. The team is talented, hard-working, and knowledgeable

The team at Devlane effectively communicates the complex nature of their work and takes the time to understand the goals of the company. They are trustworthy and dedicated experts who fit in seamlessly with in-house teams.

They adopted and improved the our company standards and practices. Their team was adept at managing the time difference and highly committed to the work. It was a true partnership.

There is no pressure to hire anyone. There has always been a transparent and free flow of information and feedback, which has made my life easier as a hiring manager. All the engineers have been producing high-quality work and have solid communication skills.

Current Partnerships

Why do tech companies seek us to extend their teams?

Learn why these well known companies have decided to extend their software development teams with us.

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Add IT talent with a reliable partner with the expertise of working with startups and small and new businesses from North America.