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Discover how can Devlane help your business by adding LatAm engineers to your in-house team and the real differentiator we offer from other outsourcing companies.

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Best practices in Frontend Development

Besides applying good practices in our Frontend developments, all our projects are managed by our engineering director, which ensures the work is done correctly; avoiding drawbacks or setbacks in the project.

UX Design
Modular Components
Minifiying Resources
Design Patterns
APIs Programming & Integrations
Test Driven Development
Current Technologies

Related technologies we apply in Frontend development

Our experience with these tech stacks is driven by the knowledge we have gathered working across multiple industries, and based on the highest demands in the market.

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React Native
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Our Clients

Companies that added React Native Developers

Get to know clients that required help with their backend development using React Native as their primary technology and decided to outsource a part of their project with us.

We’ve created and coded the Interact Web Node Layer.

The solely purpose of this layer in the backend is to provide an efficient method to scale, a more manageable configuration, monitoring options, and the possibility to migrate the business logic from the frontend to the node layer.

This frees and decompresses the frontend, making it lighter with faster loading times.

Node.JS Development for SpotOn

We’ve been involved in two significant projects: Greyfeeld & Redesign.

Both projects were bound to refactoring the screens, separating them into containers, making them more legible, and converting some old components into classes of functioning components.

One of our biggest challenges so far was the re-renders issues across the app due to the use of Context API into very volatile components and bad Sagas wrongly implemented.

React Native Development Feeld

The new dating app was fully developed by Devlane and integrated with Sendbird to send and receive messages by chat.

Also, to increase the consumer's experience, the product has been integrated with Instagram to optimize and facilitate photo uploads to their profiles.

In the same line, Motto is integrated with Apple ID, Gmail & Facebook, providing a fast and secure login via social login.

Motto React Native Development

The new app that uses React Native & TypeScript has been developed from its foundations in collaboration with our team.

The original idea is that parents could use this tool to make a possible positive impact on the parenting of their children from pre-school until elementary school, focusing on giving strategies to guarantee positive parenting. This app is integrated with Firebase, both their users' authentication and real-time data management.

There are plans to add more functionalities like A.I. for predictions and recommendations based on the input data of their consumers.

Huckleberry Using React Native
Our Differential

A different type of Outsourcing Company

CTOs, Directors of Engineering, and Engineering Managers choose us because of one thing: We deliver something different that other companies don’t.


We integrate to your comms channels (Slack, Jira, Repositories) for rapid issue solving, agile communication, and task tracking.


Our executive team follows up closely with each developer and team, detecting issues, maintaining efficiency, and improving processes.

Sync Up

Transparency is crucial to us. 1:1 Monthly meetings to discuss: Feedback on performance, assignment strategies, team growth, and adaptation to new challenges/technologies.


Dedicated internal recruiting team and partners network to build up the best teams. 100% Employed engineers, with no subcontractors ensuring complete focus on your project.


Always going the extra mile. Our autonomy allows us to make technical recommendations to help you improve your product. If you grow, we grow too!

Our engineers

Why choose LatAm engineers for your current project?

Latin American developers are highly demanded these times, and there are several reasons for it.

Great Professionals
Ideal Time Zone
English Proficiency
Skills & Technology Stack
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